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Ignite Africa Readers ‘R’ Leaders Reading Partners (Volunteers) empowers the community to make a positive change and transform each child’s reading experience. For every month with a Reading Partner, our students on average gain a minimum of 1.6 months of reading skills. We are working to make literacy a national priority, so that every child can reach his or her full potential through the joy and power of reading.

Ignite Africa is in desperate need of people with the desire to impact the lives of children and their communities. The objective is to give individual attention to children who read six months to 2.5 years behind their class level and help them catch up with their classmates.

Not only do we employ a research-based program model that gets results, but also we support relationship building between the students, and us, which is key to on-going growth and assets development. The ability to read is core to student success beyond the classroom, and Ignite Reading Partners are paving the way for students to claim a future with endless possibilities, which is why we need you to volunteer. You can feel confident that you are offering an enjoyable, meaningful experience for these young ones.

Volunteers give 60 minutes (1 hour), once a week, to help a set of 10 children in primary schools, who have fallen behind in reading, to achieve success. We provide volunteers personalized training and on-site support, so no previous experience is needed. Volunteering with Ignite Reading Partners is both a convenient and rewarding experience. We are eager to work closely with you to determine the best option(s) for you as a volunteer.

We bring in book supplies and create a warm and inviting atmosphere for our students and the volunteers, who come and serve with us. Throughout the year, our library is restocked with new or gently used books.


  1. - 89% of primary 1 to 4 students in low-income families are reading below the class level.
  2. - Students reading below the class level in primary 3 are four times as likely as their peers to drop out of school before finishing secondary school, if at all they make it there.

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