At the top right hand corner of the page, click the button "JOIN THE LIBRARY", fill in all the fields and make sure you check the "I agree to abide...." checkbox then click "Join". A confirmation link will be sent to your email provided, click on the confirmation link to confirm your email.
First, you need to have joined the library, secondly, click the "Borrow" button. And then thirdly, If the borrow book is successful, you would need to get the book physically from the Administrator, the Administrator will have to confirms that you have actually made request on the book.
Books can be picked up from our office in Ikeja Lagos or be delivered to member within Lagos, for a fee no more than ₦1000.00 depending on the area in Lagos
The book shelf is located at the top of the page, beside the search box, you will find a box titled "my borrowed books". This is where you will find the books you have borrowed and their status("returned" or "not returned") displayed. Note that It is only when the book has been physically handed to you, that your book shelf will be updated.

Basic Plan

Free membership - Keep borrowed book for up to 2 weeks only

Advance Plan

For Professional books and text books only. Membership Fees apply. Keep borrowed book for up to 4 weeks only

At the top of every page is a search box, you can search books in a particular category or in all categories